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    Emergency Survival Kits 11 in 1 – Camping, Hiking & Climbing Survival Kits Tools

    The Gogomy emergency survival kit is a must-have people who like going camping and hiking. It is a kit that will help in case of emergencies because it has all the tools needed to survive the jungle or wilderness. When going to a remote area with little or no civilization, it is important to carry a tool with everything that you might need. The Gogomy emergency kit is a compact 11 in 1 box that has all the items that you might need to make your life in the jungle easier. Here are some of the prominent features of the product.

    Emergency Survival Kits 11 in 1

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    Top 5 benefits of Gogomy emergency survival kit

    • Small and compact design
    One thing that you must love about the Gogomy emergency survival kit is the small and compact design. When looking for a survival kit, it is important to have something compact that is easy to carry around. In emergency situations, you might not be able to carry a lot of things, and you need something that can fit in your backpack. The Gogomy emergency kit is small and compact. With such a small size, it is also possible for kids to carry the box during their camping trip and learn some survival tricks for the wilderness.

    Despite being able to fit 11 tools, it is still small enough to carry around without much effort. When going on a camping trip, you can easily fit it in your luggage without worry about extra weight. It is also possible to carry it in your car without any inconvenience. In case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere with your car, you will be able to survive the situation with this type of kit. The Gogomy emergency kit is the perfect size for trips that need light packaging. 

    Emergency Survival Kits 11 in 1

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    • Water-proof and sealed box
    The kit comes with one waterproof compact box. It is important to have a box that does not allow water inside. You need to remember that when out in the wild, protecting your items from water damage is a huge priority. Using this waterproof box, it is possible to keep the torch and compass free from water.

    Sealing the box is also easy. It opens in half to expose all the items in the box, but it is also easy to seal. The edges of the box close and stick together after closing the box. This means that water will not enter the box after closing it. The foam cushioning inside the box also means that the kit is well-sealed and you can be sure that all the items in the box are protected from water and other natural elements. The foam in the box is also important in keeping everything in place.

    • Assorted tools for emergencies
    When buying a survival emergency kit, it is important to look for one that has all the things that you need. The Gogomy emergency kit is a good choice because it has everything that you need. You don’t have to worry about buying every tool separately. Every tool that you might in case of an emergency is provided in the box.

    Most of the items that are provided in the box are hand tools that are easy to use. In the box, you will find essential tools like a flint stone, scrapper, tactical pen, flashlight, whistle, credit card knife and a multi-tool for cutting. You will also get a survival knife, wire saw, and an emergency blanket. Having all these items in one kit is always an added advantage. You will be sure that you don’t forget anything when going camping. With this kit, you don’t have to think about things that you might need for emergencies because all the tools are assorted already.

    Emergency Survival Kits 11 in 1

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    • Versatile uses by people of all ages
    The best thing about the Gogomy survival emergency kit is the versatile use. This is not just a kit for camping and hiking; it is a kit that can be used for a different emergency situation. Even if you are not into camping or hiking, you can still carry it in your car or keep it in your home. The hand tools inside the kit make it versatile and suitable for many situations. It can also be used by people of all ages because the tools are easy to use and it is also easy to carry.

    In case of a storm or a disaster, you can use the items in the kit for survival. The flashlight can be used as a source of light at home when the power supply is cut it. In case you are traveling and your car breaks down, you can still use the flashlight to see as you wait for rescue. The items and tools in the survival kit are still used for most of the home emergencies, and you don’t have wait for a disaster to happen.

    • Quality and style
    When buying a survival emergency kit, it is still important to consider aspects like quality and style. With a stylish emergency kit, you will be proud to carry it even without hiding it in your backpack. The Gogomy survival emergency kit is stylish and comes in a compact red color. This is refreshing because it is different from the normal black colors that we see all the time.

    The exterior is also good quality, and it is made using a strong plastic. It closes well into a good looking compact box. The Gogomy survival emergency kit is truly meant for emergencies because it has a tough exterior that can withstand all types of pressure from the outside. The box is durable, and it will handle the hostile environment in case of an emergency.

    What is in the Gogomy survival emergency kit?
    The Gogomy survival emergency kit is 11 in 1. This means that when you buy the kit, you get 12 pieces for one price. Here are some of the tools and instruments that you will find in the kit:

    Emergency Survival Kits

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    1. Survival knife
    A survival knife is a must-have item when it comes to camping. With a survival knife, it is easy to set up a tent, cut meat, start a fire and even clear paths. The survival knife is rigid and strong enough to cut items that you might need to cut.

    It has a pointed edge, and this means that it can be used for various things like opening closed doors, digging pits and also self-defense. With a good survival knife in your kit, you can be sure that you are safe.

    2. Flashlight
    The emergency survival kit comes with a tactical flashlight. This is not just an ordinary flashlight. It is a strong flashlight that is compact and heavy duty. A survival kit is all about having something strong that a withstand pressure and this flashlight does not disappoint.

    It has different lighting modes, and this means that it is easy to zoom and adjust the light accordingly depending on your needs. A good flashlight always goes a long way during emergency situations.

    3. Multi-tool
    A survival knife is not enough for this emergency survival kit. It still comes with a multi-tool that is a combination of knives and pliers. In emergency situations, you might be required to cut and tighten wires, and this is the purpose of a multi-tool.

    The stainless steel multi-tool can be used in situations where your knife might not work or in case you need an extra hand in cutting or preparing items in your camping site. Opening cans and tightening screws are some of the benefits that you get from having a multi-tool in your emergency survival kit.

    Survival Kits

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    4. Flintstone and scrapper
    The flint stone and scrapper are essential tools and especially when in the middle of the jungle. With these tools, it is easy to flint a fire and open bottles. The flint and scrapper are strong enough, and they are made of magnesium and iron materials.

    Starting fires in the jungle can be very difficult and especially without a matchbox. In the jungle, a matchbox is not even reliable in case of rain. The combination of flint stone and scraper is your safe choice to light fires in the jungle without any problems.

    5. Compass
    The Gogomy survival emergency kit comes with a compass to help you with directions. When hiking or camping in an unfamiliar environment, it is important to make sure that you have a good compass for direction. The 360 degrees compass means that navigation is very easy.

    The compass glows in the dark, and this means that you will still be able to master directions even when it is dark. Using a compass in harsh weather is very important because during disasters you need to be ready for anything. The small and stylish compass is something that you will love to add to your collection.

    6. Emergency blanket
    The survival kit comes with an emergency blanket to help you in harsh weather. An emergency blanket is a must-have item in those extreme weather conditions. In case the weather is too cold or too hot, the blanket will help you with temperature regulations.

    The best thing about an emergency blanket is the fact that it can be used in all weather conditions. In those chilly nights when camping, you can be sure that you are safe from the extreme cold. The blanket will retain your body temperature and avoid heat loss from your body. Carrying an emergency blanket is easier compared to carrying the traditional cloth blankets that are heavy.

    Emergency Survival

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    7. Credit card knife
    Just like the name suggests, a credit card knife is the size of a credit card and can be carried on the wallet. The reason why a credit card is a great tool is the fact that it can be used for many functions during an emergency.

    This tool can be used as a wrench, screwdriver, knife blade, ruler, key holder, knife edge and even a can opener. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple items when going on your camping trip. It is sleek, discrete and easy to carry.

    8. Tactical Pen
    When it comes to a tactical pen, the job is not just writing. There are some many other uses of this open in case of emergencies. It is a strong pen that can be used to break glass windows when the need arises. With this open, you gain access in areas that are inaccessible and also use it for self-defense. This is a small tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. The small size makes it easy to carry without drawing a lot of attention.

    9. Wire saw
    In case you need to light a fire in the juggle, a wire saw is a great item. The wire saw is a combination of plastic, metal, and bone. This is a tool that is used to cut wood. If you cannot imagine carrying an ax while going for your camping trip, a wire saw is a good tool for cutting wood that is not more than 2 inches.

    Emergency Survival Kits 11 in 1

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    10. Mini light
    Apart from the tactical flashlight, the survival kit also comes with a mini light. The work of a mini light is to help you in cases where you need a big source of light. It can also be a great key holder. This is a great substitute for the tactical flashlight.

    11. Whistle
    A two-hole whistle is an important tool in the emergency survival kit. It is good equipment that is used to draw attention in case of emergencies. If you are in trouble and you cannot be able to scream loud enough, the whistle will help you drawing attention into your direction so that you can be rescued.

    12. Box
    All the tools in the kit come in a strong and compact red box. The red box is durable and waterproof to protect the items from water damage. With a compact box, you can be sure that carrying it when going on a trip is easy. The box has internal foam cushioning to make sure that all items in the box are secure in the box.

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